Can I select which papers/news-sites I want to see & if not could you imagine to make it a feature?


heres more or less a pitch:

Instead of only focussing (as it seems) on the middle of the middle of the middle of the road in all circumstances, why don't feed whichever current AI you use with user input data by selecting favourite news sources, letting custom RSS feeds play a role and then run it? That would be far more of a addition in value. Since Feedly kinda has it but not really exactly how I mean it.

In detail:

Everyone has favourite magazines which are trusted for specific reasons, by different people. I think if it's not possible it should be possible to deselect/select news-sources in addition of the current categories how about let the people add custom RSS feeds and X (Twitter) feeds? That would be a mix of out of Feedly - Mailbrew and RSS + X. The AI could then based on this data build the perfect news summary for the user. Then it would be very useful, so far I can go to GroundNews and have a better oversight, with more different papers and viewpoints. But there is the problem that it's impossible to find out which summary is now more accurate because of the left - right wing bias dynamics. Feedly has also limitations and RSS is RSS, X, is X. If that would be bundled I would use this site every day. Pitch end.

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